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As 13-time World Freestyle Frisbee Champion (most recent title in Berlin 2006; 3rd in Medellin 2014), I've built this site to help spread the jam about the great sport of Freestyle Frisbee.

For more information on freestyle disc, also visit the Freestyle Players Association's web site which I helped build. For more videos, please visit My YouTube Channel.

Larry Imperiale, Evergreen, Colorado.

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Media Exposure 

Evergreen Freestyle Frisbee Champion - Colorado Serenity
Frisbee "ambassador" still freestylin' - Canyon Courier
Imperiale Awarded Lifelong Athlete by Westword Magazine

Spin Doctor
Rocky Mountain Sports ('97)
A Hard Act to Follow How do you beat founding San Diego's fastest-growing private company?
San Diego Business Journal ('92)
His Entrepreneurial Spirit Pointed to Success Larry Imperiale, 1986 winner of SDSU's business plan competition, saw a niche among the point-of-sale giants and filled it.
Los Angeles Times ('90)
And lots of video from ESPN, OLN, MTV, That's Incredible, national/local news & more whenever I can digitize them.

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